3 Things Every Friendship Needs, How to Stop Being Awkward in Conversation, and Where to Meet New Friends | E72 Jewel Hohman The Struggle is Real with Justin Peters

I did not anticipate one of the biggest struggles in my 20s would be making friends. It was so easy in high school and college when I was surrounded by people.   Although I have been lonely at times, I rarely spoke about it. I guess I had shame around feeling lonely but that line of thinking is changing for me.   It initially started when I was preparing for episode 49 with Michael Bauman where we discussed loneliness. That opened up my eyes to the fact that more people are lonely than I thought.   Then when preparing for this episode, Jewel Hohman, today’s guest, shared a New York Post article with me that surfaced many surprising findings including survey results from adults affirming that 45% of them find it difficult to make a new friend. It also mentioned confidence in making friends peaked at the age of 23.   Survey results aside, when talking to others, I found I am not alone. Many adults find it hard to make friends. I’m excited to finally tackle this topic on The Struggle is Real.   Jewel Hohman is a friendship expert. Through her work, she helps people stop overthinking their relationships and feel confident being themselves so that they can create the deep friendships they have been craving.   In this episode, we discuss 3 things every friendship needs, where to meet new people, and how to stop being awkward in conversation. I hope a blend of practical advice and emotional reassurance motivates you to get out there and give making friends another try.   If you like this episode, share it with a friend, leave a rating and review, and if you don’t want to miss the next episode, hit the follow button.   Show Notes: [1:57] Why is making friends harder as we get older? [6:03] How Jewel struggled making friends [11:17] Same sex friendship [20:31] Avoiding awkwardness and overcoming your shyness when talking to someone [26:02] The problem with judging other people [27:45] Your thoughts are not facts [32:03] 3 things every friendship needs   Mentions: The Damaging Consequences of Loneliness and What You Can Do About It l E49 Michael Bauman on Spotify or Apple Podcasts Why the average American hasn’t made a new friend in 5 years (New York Post)   More of Jewel: Instagram Website   More of Justin & The Struggle is Real: Show Notes: https://justinpeters.co/thestruggleisreal/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justinleepeters/


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