E2: Kyle Peters – The Power of Authenticity I The Sandbox with Justin Peters Show Notes

Welcome to the second episode of The Sandbox. Justin’s experimental project to develop interviewing skills and discover the nuances of creating a podcast.

Today’s guest is Kyle Peters, the more intelligent and better looking Peters’ boy, who is a recent college graduate that at first, was destined to become a doctor yet took a left turn when he found what he was really looking for in retail leadership.

Show Notes:

[0:58] Kyle shares why he choose becoming a doctor and college for that matter

[3:10] Kyle talks about managing with the uncertainty around his degree choice

[6:53] Kyle discusses why being authentic is the key to differentiate yourself and finding the right job out of college

[11:00] Kyle tells the story about his transitioned out of medical sales

[13:45] Kyle shares why Target went from a perspective part-time job to the perfect career match 

[15:43] Kyle discusses his leadership style

Favorite Quotes:

[15:07] Connection is one of the pillars of living a great life.

[17:00] Step in and be selfless. The way people see me do things as a team member, hopefully they’ll pick up on that and do that themselves.

More of Kyle:

Instagram: @kylepeters9610

Books mentioned in this episode:

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

Follow Justin & The Sandbox:

Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/justinleepeters

Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/justinleepeters

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