E3: Jeff & Abby Nickel – How to Have a Successful Relationship I The Sandbox with Justin Peters Show Notes

Welcome to the third episode of The Sandbox. My experimental project to develop interviewing skills and discover the nuances of creating a podcast.

Today’s guests are Jeff and Abby Nickel. I brought on these high school sweethearts to discuss how to have a successful relationship. Throughout the 10 years of knowing them and watching their relationship grow, they have inspired me to become a better partner. We discuss the importance of forgiveness, creating a separate and joint identity, planning a wedding together, and the challenge of buying a house and moving in together.

I hope you enjoy!

Show Notes:

[4:26] Humility and forgiveness are the key to a successful relationship

[0:00] Changes Jeff and Abby had to make in order to make their relationship work

[9:35] Creating a joint and separate identity

[15:58] Planning a wedding together

[20:00] Buying a house and transitioning into living together

[26:15] How each of them positively influence one another

[27:44] Advice to their younger siblings on how to have a successful relationship

Favorite Quotes:

[8:11] Being able to recognize when someone needs help with them having to ask

[9:50] What I do doesn’t just reflect on me anymore

[14:51] …and I got down on one knee and I don’t really remember what I said’

[18:13] Oh my gosh, we’re married. How do you feel about that?

[27:18] You do have to put people before yourself to make a relationship work

More of Jeff & Abby:

Instagram: @abby_rowan_nickel

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