E14: Steve Gillen on Becoming a Better Leader, Addressing Performance Issues, Gaining Trust with Senior Leaders

Welcome to the fourteenth episode of The Sandbox, a podcast for the twenty-somethings who want to live the best version of their life and are seeking the skills, strategy, and mindset to do just that.

Today’s guest is Steve Gillen, an Executive at Marsh & McLennan Agency with over 35 years of management and leadership experience. I was fortunate to see Steve in action for over 7 years. He’s a people first leader that’s both fair and challenging. In this episode, we will discuss how to become a better leader, addressing performance issues within your team, how to gain trust with more senior leaders, and much more.

This episode is perfect for first time managers looking to grow into exceptional leaders. I hope you enjoy it!

Show Notes:

[2:01] The difference between a manager and a leader

[10:49] How to become a better leader

[27:03] Three things to ask yourself when addressing performance issues on your team

[32:40] What to look for in potential leaders

[41:36] How to gain trust with senior leaders

[44:45] What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

Favorite Quotes:

[3:27] You’re not a leader if you don’t have followers.

[19:44] I am not afraid, and never be afraid, to roll up my sleeves and do the things that they are doing or need to do.

[26:34] If you don’t have confidence in someone to do the job, you need to address that. It’s not about delegation at that point, it’s about performance.

[36:32] When you’re in front of the group or in front of the room, you are representing the organization and that positivity needs to be there.

[42:43] Trust is not given, it’s earned.

[45:04] We are defined as leaders by how well we manage through a crisis.


Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

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