E21: Dr. Benjamin Ritter on Taking Control of Your Job Satisfaction, Creating Novelty in Your Life, and the Importance of Self Leadership

Welcome into The Sandbox, a podcast for the 20-somethings who want to live the best version of their life and are seeking the skills, strategy, and mindset to do just that.

Today’s guest is Dr. Benjamin Ritter, Founder of Live for Yourself Consulting.

Ben’s current chapter of life began when he got a wake up call walking into work one day. He was on his way to a Chicago medical center where he worked as an Executive in healthcare administration. As he glanced at fellow commuters that passed him on the sidewalk, he realized they all carried the same feelings on their face: unhappiness, resentfulness, defeat.

Taking in the energy of that morning commute made him have a sudden realization…he didn’t really like his job either. Sure, it seemed like the perfect job on paper: fancy title, great pay and benefits, and he could even walk to work!

But he knew deep down, he was called to serve elsewhere and he knew that other people had this same problem. That’s when LFY Consulting was created. Ben now helps business professionals who feel stuck or unfulfilled at work just like he did.

In this episode, we get into topics such as creating novelty in your life, taking control of your job satisfaction, and the importance of self-leadership.

If you are doubting your current path, this is the perfect episode for you.

Show Notes:

[4:29] How Ben creates novelty in his life amongst his daily structure

[9:12] The story of Ben launching his coaching practice

[13:42] How to enjoy your job more with job crafting

[20:30] What managers are missing that lead to turnover

[26:43] The most important leader you’ll ever meet: yourself

[34:30] ABCs of change

Favorite Quotes:

[3:16] “I try to live a life that has routine and structure within it but also novelty. Always trying to find ways to be comfortable.”

[18:51] “What I was doing was allowing myself to sit more in my resentment instead of actually finding space to find more enjoyment.”

[23:21] “The leader in a way is not responsible for providing meaning or motivation to their employees but they’re responsible for the environment the employee is working in.”

[24:26] “Employees like autonomy but don’t like ambiguity

More of Benjamin:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ritterbenj/

Website: https://www.liveforyourselfconsulting.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/benjaminritter

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