E23: Tippi Thole on Why Receipts Aren’t Recyclable, Why Food Doesn’t Biodegrade in Landfills, and Reducing Waste During the Holidays

Welcome into The Sandbox, a podcast for the 20-somethings who want to live the best version of their life and are seeking the skills, strategy, and mindset to do just that.

There is no doubt that humans are causing long-term destruction to the environment because of our decisions. So what can we do to do our part in helping the planet?

Today’s guest, Tippi Thole, was asking herself the same question when she heard her son talking about zero waste. That kicked off a News Year’s resolution to reduce her trash. Her efforts paid off. Today, her family’s weekly trash can fit into the palm of your hand. Tippi is here to convince us that we can do the same without it being a huge inconvenience on our lifestyle or breaking the bank on tons of eco-friendly products.

In this episode, Tippi will share with you why receipts aren’t recyclable, why food scraps don’t just biodegrade in landfills, strategies for reducing waste during the holidays, and so much more.

This episode is perfect for environmental lovers that have been struggling to figure out how they can make an impact.

Show Notes:

[3:28] How a zero waste lunch box sparked a New Year’s resolution

[12:21] Why you should stop putting receipts into your recycle bin

[16:54] The problem with plastic

[24:03] 5 R’s model: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot

[28:17] Creating a zero waste survival kit

[32:31] Why food scraps don’t just biodegrade in the landfill

[43:16] Refusing junk mail

[46:46] Waste reduction strategies during the holidays

[49:45] How to get started on your own zero waste journey

Favorite Quotes:

[9:43] “Trash is designed to be out of sight, out of mind. When you actually look at it, you start to better understand what you’re using.”

[20:24] “I’d love to see plastic labeled as a hazardous material.”

[20:54] “To date, 9% all of the plastic created has been recycled.”

[25:08] “95% of our product’s environmental damage has already occured by the time you’ve picked it off the shelf.”

[47:52] “Making memories, not waste.”


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