E25: Jared Schuster on Traveling the World, Networking Practices that Work, and Uncovering Your Purpose

 Welcome into The Sandbox, a podcast for the 20-somethings who want to live the best version of their life and are seeking the skills, strategy, and mindset to do just that.

Today’s guest is Jared Schuster, Founder of Sparks of Consciousness which focuses on serving people who feel purposeless. In this conversation, Jared brings us through his last decade which included graduating through the 2008 recession, learning from yogis in India, a car accident that broke both of his legs, working with Shaman in South America, and much more.

By listening to this episode, you’ll learn about following your intuition, networking practices that work, and questions to help you uncover your purpose.

This episode is perfect for those wondering where their life is going to take them.

Show Notes:

[1:21] The job of a Fire Keeper

[10:30] Finding his dream job through the 2008 Financial Crisis…then quitting 9 months later.

[20:39] Networking practices that work

[30:01] Chasing the endless summer in southeast Asia

[43:14] Overcoming his fathers death as a child

[45:50] Finding your purpose with self-examining questions

Favorite Quotes:

[9:28] “When you speak a calling, the universe responds immediately.”

[15:19] “There is such a power in putting pen to paper.”

[25:40] “When you meet someone who has an impact on you, make sure you tell them.”

[39:54] “When we are really ready to heal something in our life, we have to take on responsibility for every experience that we had.”

[46:56] “To me, purpose is understanding who you are so much that you are able to give it back to the world.”

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