Two Leadership Experts Explain How Honoring Personality Differences Could Lead to More Success in Your Career | E27 Brett Cooper & Evans Kerrigan

Welcome to The Struggle is Real, a show for young adults looking for knowledge on issues they’ll face in their 20s that wasn’t taught in the classroom.

Today’s guests are Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan, Co-Founders of Integris Performance Advisors which is focused on improving team performance. They also co-authored a book called Solving the People Problem: Essential Skills You Need to Lead and Succeed in Today’s Workplace.

In their book and in this episode, Brett and Evans use their understanding of emotional intelligence and the DISC personality test to provide an easy model to follow called DISC EQ. This framework will help you communicate better, create more productive conflict, and successfully lead all the different personalities in your workplace.

This is a useful episode for leaders, salespeople, and customer service focused individuals who frequently interact with various people or those who are looking to communicate with their colleagues, clients, and vendors more effectively.

Show Notes:

[3:07] How personality differences cause problems in the workplace

[9:54] Why process improvement wasn’t enough for Brett and Evans

[13:25] Why EQ is more important than IQ for career and personal success

[20:14] 4 primary personality styles of DISC

[36:22] Speaking not to be heard but to be understood

[38:44] Why high caliber teams need conflict

[43:21] Implementing the step up and step back approach

[55:31] What Evans learned from his first CEO

Favorite Quotes:

[14:58] “Emotional intelligence actually has a bigger impact on your career success and your personal success than your IQ does.”

[34:08] “We all have the ability to grow and develop ourselves.”

[36:30] “Communication is not about speaking what we think, communication is about ensuring others hear what we mean.” – Simon Sinek

[43:07] “We need to be able to challenge one another because that is how progress is made.”


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