Financial Coach Gives Helpful Money Advice For Young Adults | E28 Tracey Bissett

Welcome to The Struggle is Real, a show for young adults looking for knowledge on issues they’ll face in their 20s that wasn’t taught in the classroom.

Why don’t we feel better equipped to handle our finances when we get into the real world?

My guest today is working to solve that issue. On the show with me is Tracey Bissett, President and Chief Financial Fitness Trainer at Bissett Financial Fitness.

Tracey has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and after moving on from her successful career in banking, she’s now focused on helping young adults and entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals. 

Tracey is also the Host of the Young Money Podcast: an advice show for young millionaires in the making which she started over 3 years ago and now has over 120,000 downloads.

My goal by the end of this conversation is to have you feeling more confident about growing and using your financial skills.

Show Notes:

[1:39] What is financial fitness?

[3:25] Why is money so mysterious and what are schools doing to change this?

[10:29] Having money conversations with your roommates

[14:39] How Tracey got started in entrepreneurship

[23:45] What are young adults doing well with money?

[28:06] What is credit and what factors create my credit score?

[30:38] Tackling students loans

[34:55] Tips for creating your side hustle

Favorite Quotes:

[2:39] “We can’t change where we are starting but we can certainly change where we end up.”

[32:21] “Getting a $1,000 scholarship will save you about 70 hours of work.”

[37:21] “Whenever I’m in doubt and don’t know how to approach something, I always ask Google.”

[49:19] “Be purposeful. Make sure your life is filled with the things that you like and use your money as a tool to get you there.”


Young, Fun & Financially Free: Live the good life now and build a kick-ass future! By Leanna Haakons (

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Young Money Scholarship Fund (

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