Former NFL player on How to Start Owning Your Mistakes and Make the Change You Need | E29 Marques Ogden

Welcome to The Struggle is Real, a show for young adults looking for knowledge on issues they’ll face in their 20s that wasn’t taught in the classroom.

Today’s guest is former NFL offensive lineman, Marques Ogden.

Marques played in the NFL for nearly 6 years. He was drafted in the 2003 by the Jaguars and went on to play with the Ravens, Bills, and Titans. While his NFL career ended in 2007, this was only the start of Marques’ rollercoaster life story. After leaving the NFL, he started Kayden Premier Enterprises which grew to the largest minority owned subcontractor in the state of Maryland.

Life was good until a bad business deal sent Marques’ business spiraling into bankruptcy. Marques was left with $400 to his name. He swallowed his pride and the former NFL player and 8-figure business owner took a job as an overnight janitor making $8.25 an hour.

After a rough ending to one of his shifts, Marques decided it was time to reinvent himself again but before he could do that, he needed to look back on his life choices and own the fact that his decisions, not someone else’s actions, lead him to his current life situation.

Today, Marques is two-time author, keynote speaker, executive coach, and corporate trainer.

Marques’ story is an inspiration and I hope to illustrate the power of accountability and ownership in this episode.

Show Notes:

[2:06] Marques’ relationship with his older brother Jonathan

[4:55] Marques’ route to the NFL

[13:21] Marques rough rebound after leaving the NFL

[16:47] The rise and fall of Kayden Premier Enterprises

[27:42] Taking responsibility for your actions

Favorite Quotes:

[9:27] “Wow, I’ve actually made it. I’m here. I’m going to have an opportunity to play for the National Football league.”

[18:16] “Someone in this room will become the next major minority contractor…why can’t it be you?”

[32:22] “You get told no so many times that it becomes your own mission to keep going.”

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