Career Consultant Demonstrates How to Be a Self-Advocate at Work | E32 Stephanie Ritz

I think I’m safe to make an overgeneralization that, at one point or another, we’ve all felt undervalued at work. Maybe we believe we should be paid more, be given more responsibility, or have a more significant title. But believing it doesn’t get us very far. How do we actually get what we want?

Today’s guest believes it starts by becoming a self-advocate. She’s going to explain how to get the confidence to do just that without coming off as bragging or boasting.

Stephanie Ritz is a career consultant and mindset transformation coach. She founded Claim Your Career where she helps professional women rise faster, earn what they’re worth, and claim their seat at the table with confidence.

Stephanie gives tons of great advice throughout our conversation. My favorite was creating a living resume to record and organize your skills and accomplishments. This is just one of many goodies she shares.

Show Notes:

[6:16] How Stephanie found her place within the banking industry

[8:11] Motherhood: how that changed the plan but not the goal

[16:38] Building relationships with the leaders at your employer

[27:00] An easy method for keeping track of your accomplishments and skills

[36:45] Self advocating vs boasting/bragging

Favorite Quotes:

[3:56] “I had no idea that was coming. Sometimes you just have to make the most out of what you have.”

[23:58] “You’re usually your own worst critic when it comes to sharing out your ideas.”

[35:44] “I didn’t care that she didn’t have a masters in Excel. She had the initiative to go out and learn what she was missing. And she got the job.”

More of Stephanie:

Instagram: @claimyourcareer

Clubhouse: @coach_steph

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