Author of Broke Millennial Shares Advice on How to Navigate Awkward Money Conversations with Your Friends | E34 Erin Lowry

If you have a skill of finding free food, you’re consistently dealing with an unreliable laptop or phone, or you furnished your apartment with cheap furniture from family and Craigslist, I’m assuming you might be a broke 20-something and “I Need a Dollar” by Aloe Blacc probably hits a little different.

My guest today knows a thing or two about this stage of life. Erin Lowry is the author of the 3-part book series, Broke Millennial. Her newest book, Broke Millennial Talks Money shares advice on how to navigate awkward financial conversations at work and with your friends, family, and romantic partners.

If money has ever caused awkward tension when it comes to splitting the bill or picking an Airbnb for your upcoming girls trip, this conversation is going to be perfect for you.

Most of this episode centers on having money conversations with your friends. Erin shares her thoughts on when it’s appropriate to share how much you make, setting financial expectations when your friend asks you to be in their wedding, and why creating a friend fund might be what you need to say yes more often.

Show Notes:

[8:22] How a coffee with a friend turned into Broke Millennial blog

[24:23] What numbers should we share with our friends?

[36:13] Why Erin wishes she would have spent more money in her twenties

[44:08] How to manage the onslaught of other people’s weddings

Favorite Quotes:

[7:38] “I just had a really fun job in entertainment…but I also had to work two other jobs to sustain my life.”

[10:22] “I never really felt stressed about controlling money. I had stressed at times about how much I had but not about if I felt like I was in control.”

[33:53] “I’m a true fan of saving for/investing for opportunities/options.”

[36:53] “What would you have done differently with money in your twenties…I would have spent more money.”

[49:19] “Bridesmaids…they should just be able to pick a cocktail dress at knee length in a certain color scheme or….if you want them in a particular gown, add that in your wedding budget and f’ing pay for it.”

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Instagram: @BrokeMillennialBlog

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