Why You Should Consider Having a Health Savings Account (HSA) | E40 Sean Mullaney

In our last episode, we covered so much material about tax including terminology, the US tax system, and retirement accounts. One topic that came up but we didn’t get to discuss extensively was Health Savings Accounts or HSA.

I was going to let this go as I always have an endless list of topics I wish I could have covered with my guests but both Sean and I agreed HSAs were too important of a topic to be left unturned. So Sean agreed to come back on and share more of his knowledge.

A high deductible health plan paired with a HSA can be a great option to consider for young adults with no chronic medical issues.

This episode acts as a part 2 to the former so if you haven’t listened to episode 39, I recommend that you do that first. This short episode is packed with a ton of information including what an HSA is, how to identify if you’re a candidate for a high deductible health plan, the mechanics of how an HSA works, and how HSAs can be used as a retirement account.

Reminder that this discussion is general and educational in nature and does not constitute tax, investment, legal, or financial advice with respect to any particular individual or taxpayer. Please consult your own advisors regarding your own unique situation.

Show Notes:

[2:32] What is an HSA and who qualifies

[9:46] Is a HDHP for me?

[15:12] What’s a qualified medical expense?

Favorite Quotes:

[7:50] “A HDHP is not optimal medical insurance coverage for every person but for a lot of young folks, it can work really well.”

[18:48] “There is no time limit on reimbursing yourself out of your HSA for your old medical expenses.”


IRS Publication 502: https://www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/about-publication-502

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