Former Inmate on Believing in Yourself, Creating Your Comeback, and Proving Them Wrong | E41 Nate Dukes

Joining me on today’s podcast is Nate Dukes. Nate is an author, speaker, property investor, leader at his church, and serves on the board of a non-profit for underprivileged youth. Already an impressive resume for someone in their 30s.

But what is even more impressive is the journey Nate took to get here. After getting busted for stealing a car, Nate spent 6 months in a Tennessee jail. He was written off as a lost cause and told that he’d never change.

Nate decided to tear up that script by getting focused on what he wants and making the right choices. After changing his life, he shifted his mission to helping others do the same. To do this, Nate wrote and published his debut book, You’ll Never Change: Create Your Comeback and Prove Them Wrong.

In this conversation you’ll hear the story of how Nate went from successful business owner to innate to author. We’ll discuss how to find inspiration in unlikely places, how to surround yourself with the right people, and repairing the damage of your past.

Show Notes:

[1:50] How Nate’s childhood influenced the broken mindset he carried into his 20s

[21:30] Nate’s initial feelings when he found himself in jail

[26:50] Nate’s first interaction after being let out of jail

[31:35] Nate surprising inspiration for personal development

[33:53] Spending time with the right people

[38:53] Repairing the damage of your past

Favorite Quotes:

[4:29] “What feels good in the moment, isn’t always good for your future.”

[14:47] “The truth is, if I wanted to, I could always go back. I could always go back to living the way I was before. But I didn’t know what my life could look like if I committed one year and did whatever it takes.”

[29:52] “I’m smoking weed and listening to Tony Robbins at the same time.”

[35:12] “I was a super messy person at that time, but there were some people that were willing to get messy with me.”

[39:19] “Having the right voices in your life is going to help you make the right choices in your life.”

[43:34] “There are people that know a version of you that doesn’t exist anymore.”

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