How to Gain Leadership Experience as a Junior Employee, Being Liked vs Being Respected, and Better 1 on 1 Meetings | E44 Ben Brearley

Ben Brearley has been leading people for over 15 years. He saw the struggle managers had with the balancing act of leadership. Ben started writing articles to serve those who aspired to be an attentive and considerate manager. At the time, Ben didn’t realize this would change the trajectory of his career.

These posts turned into the Thoughtful Leader blog where Ben has been sharing leadership content for over 5 years. He started a podcast under the same name and also serves as a coach for leaders across the world that want to make work better.

This is a great episode if you are a new manager or hoping to someday be leading a team of your own. We discuss how to gain leadership experience as a junior employee, debate being liked vs being respected as a leader, and discuss how to have better 1 on 1 meetings.

Show Notes:

[1:37] The right and wrong reasons for wanting to become a manager

[13:30] What executives are looking for in emerging leaders

[17:41] The glass ceiling in Australia

[21:05] Being liked vs being respected as a leader

[29:03] The importance of recurring 1 on 1 meetings

[41:06] What you can learn as a leader from the self-fulfilling prophecy

Favorite Quotes:

[11:38] “But I think employees need to know they should ask if they want an opportunity to lead and to take on leadership opportunities.”

[31:29] “The real thing about leadership is developing people so they can do something better.”


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