Podcast Producer on Using Sides Projects to Develop New Skills, Meet People and Launch a Career | E51 Alex Williamns

With New Year’s quickly approaching, I’m guessing you will be thinking about how you want to spend more of your free time in 2022. Friends, family, and your health are all great choices but I want to dangle one more idea out there: a side project.

A side project is something that you do aside from your primary job but unlike hobbies, they have a sense of effort and thoughtfulness in their approach. Examples could be starting a blog, creating an app, or forming a band. Side projects are a great way to learn new skills, meet people, and develop a purpose outside of your career. Heck, they might even lead you to your next job.

That was the case for my guest today. At the beginning of 2019, Alex Williamns started a podcast to improve his listening skills. Exposing himself to podcasts, and media in general, substantially changed the trajectory of his career. Since his start, Alex has hosted 9 podcasts and has produced 14. He now runs two podcast media companies called MeCho Radio and Polytropos.fm.

This episode is meant to inspire you to start something new, redefine failure, and challenge you to bite off more than you can chew…but not too much, just enough.

Show Notes:

[2:27] Why Alex started his first podcast

[11:20] Alex’s outlook on success and failure…and what’s more important

[18:41] How Broken Bulbs has changed how he processes failure

[25:26] Going from chronic procrastinator to future planner

[41:31] Alex’s most recent project and how it differs from all his other shows

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