Mental Health Counselor on How to Stop Criticizing Your Body and Health is More Than Your Weight | E54 Sophie Killip

Our teenage years present many challenges. One universal obstacle I saw few of us avoid was the trap of comparing ourselves to others, particularly our physical bodies. Someone was always thinner, more muscular, prettier, taller, or had better skin.

Many of those thoughts and feelings never went away but progressing through our 20s we not only realize but start to believe there are way more important facets of ourselves than our outward appearance.

Realizing it and getting there are two different things though. It’s hard to embrace and embody all of our physical attributes, especially those areas we’ve always been insecure about and others that are becoming apparent as we age.

Even though I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever fully get to loving my entire body, there are actions that my guest believes that we can take to get closer.

I’m excited to introduce you to Sophie Killip, a Mental Health Counselor and Coach. Sophie’s philosophies include working towards body acceptance, embracing size diversity, and looking at health from a holistic viewpoint not one singular measurement like weight.

We have a great conversation about why fat is not a feeling, normalizing body diversity, replacing self-criticism with self-compassion, and much more.

Show Notes:

[2:11] The difference between body positive, neutrality, and acceptance

[6:14] We are heading in the right direction but we still have room for improvement

[16:08] Fat is not a feeling and health at every size

[28:51] When did chubby become a problem?

[31:11] How to normalize body diversity and challenge judgment

[35:13] What to say instead of “looks like you lost weight”

[42:17 ] Replacing self-criticism with self-compassion and confidence

[50:07] Body gratitude exercise


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Instagram: @counsellorsophie

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Show Notes:


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