How to Talk Politics and Religion Without Killing Each Other | E55 Corey Nathan

I’ve dreaded some recent get-togethers knowing argumentative political conversations are going to be on the agenda and for quite some time, I’ve taken the approach that it is better to avoid these conversations by staying quiet and giving a friendly nod.

That line of thinking is changing for me now. Avoiding participation in these conversations is forgoing the opportunity to learn something new, and maybe even change my mind. Along with that, if I’m not taking the time or initiative to understand someone else’s point of view, I’m only reinforcing the current state of divisiveness between these binary camps of blue and red.

I invited Corey Nathan on the podcast to give us inspiration on how this could be done right. He shares his personal story of making amends with his dad when he decided to leave the Jewish faith.

In the second half of this episode, Corey shares some basic communication skills to help us have more enabling conversations. Some of my favorites include the feel, felt, found framework, the phrase “help me understand”, and changing our mindset from competition to collaboration.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with the stockbroker by day, theater guy by night, Jew from Jersey that became a Christian, and the host of the incredible podcast, Talkin’ Politics & Religion Without Killin’ Each Other…Corey Nathan.

Show Notes:

[1:02] How Hal introduce Corey to Christianity

[13:05] Corey telling his Jewish parents that he was a Christian

[26:42] When political views are inconsistent with religious scripture

[32:21] How Corey’s life as a stockbroker and theater guy created a political dichotomy and how to create kindness across different viewpoints

[42:18] Why Corey’s son decided to stay unvaccinated and how he approaches that conversation differently now

[52:08] How to approach mending relationships that were broken due to opposing political views and the feel, felt, found framework

[57:34] Respectfully disagreeing

More of Corey:

Podcast: Talkin‘ Politics & Religion Without Killin‘ Each Other

Instagram: @tpandrpod

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Show Notes:


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