Building a Legendary Marriage with Tactical Empathy, Generative Questions, and a Whole Lot of Patience | E56 Larry Hagner

I have a really fun episode for you today. I’ve been following today’s guest for a few years now and I finally got the courage to pitch him to come on the show. I’m really excited that he said yes because he has so much amazing insight to share. Today’s guest is Larry Hagner, Founder of The Dad Edge. 

The Dad Edge is focused on empowering men to build legendary marriages, create epic connections with their kids, master personal finances, optimize their health, and become a leader within their family.

Although you’ll definitely hear stories about parenthood, most of this conversation will focus on the first pillar: building a legendary marriage.

Stable, intimate relationships can present many predictable, yet devious challenges like conversation boredom, sexless bedrooms, and dwindling novelty. The good news is this storyline is an editable script.

Larry teaches us how he continues to show up as a better partner in his marriage. Surprise, surprise, a lot it involves great communication. He’ll share ideas on tactical empathy, labeling emotions, and mirroring without the word why. At the end, we also got a chance to talk about my favorite learning lesson from Larry, generative questions, and how 1 question led to an epic summer of family adventures and a basement full of memories.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with the 18 year husband, father of 4, and the original Good Dad Project…Larry Hagner.

Show Notes:

[1:52] Why music is an important factor to making memories 

[5:47] Patience is a skill not a personality trait

[17:54] How you can use priming to show up as your best self

[22:42] Father figures throughout Larry’s upbringing

[40:27] Communication advice including tactical empathy, labeling emotions, and mirroring without the word why 
[52:44] Generative questions: how might we vs why can’t we and the 13 family adventures


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Instagram: @thedadedge

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Show Notes:


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