How to Get Started Investing, the Cost of Actively Managed Funds, and a 2-Step Plan to Retire in 15 Years | E57 Jeremy Schneider

Investing is complicated…but does it need to be?

Starting your investing journey can be super overwhelming especially in this age of information overload: stocks, crypto, FAANG, options, bonds. This brings up the obvious question: what should I invest in?

Personally, I want to understand what I am investing in, how it creates its value, and ultimately, what my return will look like. This has led me to today’s guest, Jeremy Schneider.

Jeremy is the Founder of Personal Finance Club. He has a wildly popular Instagram by the same name where he is dishing out simple, unbiased information on how to win with money. Jeremy doesn’t have any get rich quick advice for you today but he will share a simple 2-step plan to retire in 15 years.

Along with that you’ll hear his delineation between investing vs speculating, how to easily invest through target date funds, and his experiment about living on a $5 vs $500 daily food budget.

Show Notes:

[2:38] Selling RentLinks and hitting financial independence

[10:21] Why you need to invest, not save, your money

[13:30] Investing vs speculating

[16:05] How to figure which companies to invest in

[20:19] The cost of actively managed mutual funds

[26:57] Alternative to mutual funds…index funds

[31:38] How to easily invest through target date funds

[38:25] 90/10 rule

[41:26] 2 step plan to retire in 15 years

[43:40] Jeremy’s experiment: $5 vs $500 food budget

[50:48] Starting Personal Finance Club  


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More of Jeremy:

Website: Personal Finance Club

Instagram: @personalfinanceclub

LinkedIn: Jeremy Schneider

More of Justin & The Struggle is Real:

Show Notes:


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