Sex is a Learned Skill, Overcome Bedroom Boredom, and Find Your Pleasure Potential | E63 Susan Bratton

With high school teachers and porn stars being our instructors, I’m not surprised sex is awkward and unrealistic.

But at least we have our friends to talk to right? We’ll through my personal experience, we are comfortable boasting about the highs of our sex life but I don’t hear too much conversation about body image issues, pre-mature ejaculation, and depleting sex drive.

As you can see from the title and our intro so far, today’s conversation is going to be a bit explicit. Our guest is a straight-shooter so this is your warning to look out for young ears.

Speaking of today’s guest, joining me on The Struggle is Real is Susan Bratton. For 20 years, Susan has been empowering singles and couples across the gender spectrum to have hot, intimate sex. Susan believes that shame-free, frequent sexual pleasure is every person’s birthright.

Susan wasn’t always this sex expert. Like most of us, she lacked the know-how in order to maintain intimacy and passion in her relationship. After 11 years of lackluster sex in her marriage, she hit a tipping point, and told her partner it wasn’t working. But instead of giving up, they went to therapy, frequented sex workshops, and started a journey to transform their sex life.

With this episode, I hope to de-stigmatize the discussion around sex. It’s a skill. You have to put effort into learning how to have great sex and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s okay to lack confidence in this area. I’m guessing there hasn’t been a lot of real education up until this point.

But that changes here. We jump right into orgasms, discuss simple bedroom techniques you can start practicing with, and Susan shares ideas on how to reignite your sex life.

Show Notes:

[4:54] How to overcome the casm-gasm

[14:09] Orgasmic cross training

[16:23] Bullseye touching technique

[20:16] Can a couple be happy together without good sex?

[22:23] Initial steps to reignite your sex life and overcome bedroom boredom

[27:33] Creating a sex bucket list

[37:00] Spiritual sexuality

[43:11] Asking for what you want…when you don’t know what you want

Mentions – Books:

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston

Sexual Soulmates by Susan Bratton

Mentions – Websites:

More of Susan:

Instagram: @susanbratton

More of Justin & The Struggle is Real:

Show Notes:


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