Reaching Financial Independence Without a 6-Figure Salary | E64 Jackie Cummings Koski

You all know I’m a sucker for a good early retirement story. Jackie Cummings Koski retired at 49 years old and now spends her time creating a financially literate society.

Retiring in your 40s is impressive in itself but Jackie did this with no head start. She grew up in poverty with her dad and 5 siblings. She barely graduated college with passing grades because she had to work full-time. Then Jackie went on to raise her daughter as a single mom after an early divorce.

Does that sound like a candidate for early retirement? I don’t think so but Jackie made it happen through a lot of self-education and hustle.

Speaking of education, Jackie became quite the expert in healthcare and in this episode, Jackie shares a lot of methodologies for cutting your healthcare costs.

Of course Jackie is a huge advocate for my favorite tax-advantage account: the HSA. I have never seen a health savings account as well-funded as Jackie’s. Last we spoke, her HSA had over $150,000 in it..

Show Notes:

[1:43] Jackie’s story from poverty to financial independence

[19:40] How Jackie retired by 49 year olds without ever making a 6-figure salary

[22:57] Is an HSA right for you?

[32:06] How Jackie grew her HSA to $150,000

[39:14] Tips for cutting healthcare costs


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Show Notes:


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