How to Become an Awesome-Sauce Manager, Deal with Underperforming Employees, and Build a Competent Team | E66 Makeda Andrews

I never realized how much of an impact my manager could have on my job satisfaction until I’ve had both the good and the lousy. Experiencing both has assured me one thing, I want to become an exceptional leader.

To continue learning, I consume a lot of leadership content. One of my favorite creators I come across is Makeda Andrews. I really liked her straight-forwardness, relatable advice, and of course, all of the bright colors.

I was actually surprised to find out Makeda started her professional career not having any interest in managing a team one day.

But that script didn’t last long. 6-months into the job, Makeda was approached by the President of the company and offered an opportunity to manage a team. With a little reluctance, she accepted the position.

Makeda eventually led her department to becoming a strategic division of the company. Makeda is now a leadership coach where she works specifically with first time managers to become confident, competent and effective leaders.

I know so many of you are currently moving into or towards leadership positions in your company right now. Makeda shares a lot of tangible advice like how to deal with an underperforming employee, how to guide team members to solve problems, and when to speak in outcome versus activity.

Show Notes:

[3:52] The responsibility that comes with being a leader

[13:02] Makeda’s leadership journey

[15:52] The mentor Makeda needed to build her confidence

[24:04] Guiding team members to solve problems

[28:22] Becoming an awesome-sauce manager

[32:13] How Makeda got into leadership coaching

[36:04] Speaking in outcome vs activity

[40:16] Using the ACAC model for underperforming employees

More of Makeda:

Makeda Andrews on YouTube

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Show Notes:


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