After living in St. Louis for 25 years, I made the choice to move out of my hometown and I found myself in San Diego and now Austin, TX. Ironically, when this physical adventure was happening, another more subtle experience was also playing itself out — I felt like I was starting to grow up.

No longer were my days filled with daydreaming about soccer and girls. I realized I was working through a lot of the traditional struggles of a young adult. My career had started to open up multiple avenues and I was trying to decide what might make me happy long-term. I started feeling the demands of paying for current expenses, while also prioritizing setting myself up financially in the future. I found a girl I really liked and now my head was spinning with how to balance all of it at once.

I realized there was a lot to learn, and that other young adults might be facing the same thing. That was my inspiration for creating The Struggle is Real podcast. If you’re going through something similar, I encourage you to join me in the conversation.

I love having conversations with interesting people, so send me a message or email me at and let’s find time to get to know each other.

And of course, if there’s anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. I love opportunities to pay it forward.

Keep your dreams big and your worries small.


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