Make Networking a Habit (Part 4 of the Networking Playbook)

So far, we’ve talked about why networking is important, we’ve gained confidence around navigating professional networking events, and we are equipped with tactics on creating great conversation. I have to say, we are becoming quite the networker. Now isn’t the time to fall back into the comfort of being a recluse. Let’s make networking a habit that sticks.

How to Be a Better Conversationalist (Part 3 of the Networking Playbook)

In Part 2, Mastering Professional Networking Events, I discussed strategies on how to initiate conversations at networking events. Hopefully many of you realized that’s only step one to what is hopefully a thriving, long-term relationship. Let’s now strategize around the rest of your first interaction. Specifically, I want to discuss how to get the conversation goingContinue reading “How to Be a Better Conversationalist (Part 3 of the Networking Playbook)”

Mastering Professional Networking Events (Part 2 of the Networking Playbook)

In Part 1, I discussed why we all really hate networking. If there is one kind of networking that we dread the most, it’s organized, professional networking events. I’m talking about industry-specific events, happy hour networking meetups, and even company celebrations. It’s the stereotypical story I illustrated in The Importance of Networking.

The Importance of Networking (Part 1 of the Networking Playbook)

I don’t need to remind you. You’ve heard it dozens of times. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Most people would agree that networking is important, but we often forget about why. Part one of this six part blog series is a reminder of that, but before we discuss the importance, let’sContinue reading “The Importance of Networking (Part 1 of the Networking Playbook)”

4 Takeaways from January’s Impact Theory Episodes

I’ve had many mentors come into my life and help shape who I am, from my dad, soccer coaches, my older cousin and college professors. One person has had a major impact on me– and I’ve actually never even met him. His name is Tom Bilyeu. He is the founder of Quest Nutrition Bars and Impact Theory. ImpactContinue reading “4 Takeaways from January’s Impact Theory Episodes”

7 Tips to Learn a New Skill Faster

The New Year is upon us. Actually, even more exciting, a new decade is upon us! With this in mind, many people probably have a long list of new resolutions. These resolutions are typically habit changers, either activities people want to do more of (ie. exercising or eating healthy) or activities people want to doContinue reading “7 Tips to Learn a New Skill Faster”

Lessons I Learned From Leaving My Job

Recently, I landed a new job. I knew the grind of networking, interviews, and follow-ups was going to be demanding, but what I didn’t see coming was the hardest part of the new job process: quitting my current role.

4 Important Things to Do After Your Internship Ends

Summer is coming to a close as quickly as it began, and if you’re like most students, you spent a good portion of your summer putting your skills to practice through some form of an internship. You learned a lot, had some good laughs, and hopefully got a better idea of what kind of careerContinue reading “4 Important Things to Do After Your Internship Ends”

How to Gain Leadership Experience When You’re Not the Boss

I speak with a lot of young professionals and during those conversations, I’ve gathered that a career ambition for a lot of us is to eventually lead and manage a team. But in order to be placed in a management position, one must demonstrate that they’re qualified for the opportunity. However, this is the catch-22.Continue reading “How to Gain Leadership Experience When You’re Not the Boss”