I’ve always had an interest in how humans work particularly the brain. Motivation, disappointment, pride, fear, satisfaction…all these emotions are deprived from different chemicals signaling the brain. Although the science is fascinating, I’m more interested in the practical.

How does understanding all of this allow us to get what we want: a fulfilling career, a meaningful relationship, financial independence, long-lasting health and wellbeing?

To explore just that, I started a podcast called The Struggle is Real with Justin Peters. I interview guests to learn about a myriad of topics and invite others to join me in the journey. You can find links to all the episodes at https://justinpeters.co/thestruggleisreal/.

As a professional, I work in operations for a financial services firm. I take a lot of pride in simplifying processes, training colleagues, and exploring new technologies.

I love having conversations with interesting people so send me a message and let’s find time to get to know each other.

List of things Justin likes to talk about – coming soon.

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